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Chocó Region

The Bioregion of the Chocó is one of the most biodiverse on the planet. You'll see more of 4oo species. 

Amazon and Andes

It starts from the high Andes and ends in the Amazon low watching all of the special birds of the region.

Amazon Lakes and Towers

Runs small creeks and lagoons in a canoe, and go up to the towers of 40 meters in the ecuadorian amazon jungle. 

Southern Endemisms

The southern region is home to endemic species of the Equator and Tumbes. Observe birds from the top lodges in Ecuador.

Ecuador Full 21 Days

A tour to go around the Equator complete visiting all the sites of observation and photography of birds. The best!


Tour designed for photographers looking for experiences, landscapes, macro, and nature in general. 

Amphibians and Reptiles

Walk trails during the night in search of fascinating creatures and enigmatic to get photos.

Peru North

Runs through the north of Peru in search of the endemic birds most sought-after in a specialized tour.  

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