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All our tours are designed for passionate by birds and photography. The western lowlands of Ecuador is crossed by the bioregion of the Chocó, is one of the regions with the greatest biodiversity and endemism on the planet. During the tour we will make photos of colorful birds such as trogons, quetzals, motmots, toucans, hummingbirds, tanagers, and some other species colorful. We will visit the upper, middle and lower of the western foothills and the best sites for the observation and photography of birds, hides photographic and feeders that allow you to get very good pictures of birds that live in the western lowlands of Ecuador.


Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Quito. Dinner.

This can vary depending on the time of arrival to Quito.

After breakfast, we will go to the Reserve ZuroLoma in search of the hummingbird, peak sword, tangara ventrinaranja, tangara montana black throat, finch pechiamarillo, hummingbird ventresafiro, anthill pechicastaño and anthill equatorial feeding on worms.

Breakfast, we will drive to the Peace of the Birds in search of ant nests and cock of the rock. The species that you'll find here are the anthill pechiamarillo, giant anthill, ant coronado, anthill mustached, cuckoo common, anthill pechicastaño and others.

Very early, we will go to the House of the Observer of Birds, where we will seek flycatchers, nuthatches, tyranids and other species in the booths and bird feeders. Our goals here are the hummingbird bearded, toucan montano piquiplata, collared, tangara montana, blue-winged, tangara nuquidorada, tangara beanie blue and other birds endemic to the Chocó.

After breakfast, we will go to the Reserve Amagusa, where we will seek tanagers as the dorsum moss, bright green, throat, rufous, gold, and flamígera, and now also we can see the cute parrot face pink, among others.

After breakfast, we will head to the hideout Sachatamia, where we will seek zarzaleros, cucaracheros, finches, woodpeckers and hawks that sometimes visit the feeders to eat moths. In addition, on the same day we will visit places close to Mindo, where the locals feed on other species of tanagers with bananas.

After breakfast, we will head to the Tower of the Canopy Silanche, where we will observe the toucan choco toucan pechiamarillo, long-tailed trogon, trogon coliclaro, dacnis pechiescarlata, mielerito purple and many more species that come to the tower

After breakfast, we will head to the town on 23 June, where we will seek out the incredible bird umbrella and other species. On the way back, we will make a stop in the Reserve, Milpe, to seek out the cute jumping picoazul and the hummingbird throat black, emerald west, hermit of white beard, and many more species.

In the morning of this day, you have two options:

1 - First option: Visit other feeders in Maraksacha, near Quito, and look for the finch pechiclaro, hummingbird ventreblanco, camachuel ada pechidorada and cotinga crestirroja.

2 - Second option: Try again to photograph the species whose photos were not good and need another opportunity.

In the morning, we will head to the highlands of ecuador, the National Park Antisana, to search for the andean condor, andean ibis, carancho carunculado, cincloides alirrufo, canastero marbled, goldfinch leaden, hummingbird starry ecuadorian, pitajo dorsipardo, eagle variable and many more species.

After, we will drive to Quito airport for your return flight and it will be time to say goodbye to our team.

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Recommended Equipment

In birdwatching tours where photography is not the main goal is only necessary for the client to bring their binoculars. We have telescope. Tours of photography equipment is detailed below

Profile Guide

Fernanda Patiño

Birder expert

Guía local en Mindo, experta en observación de aves y naturaleza. Trabaja en guianza desde el año 2003. Digiscoping profesional

Alex Boas

Photographer and birder expert

Asesor de viajes fotográficos con experiencia en fotografía herpeto-macro, ornitología y producción audiovisual.

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