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Capturing Beauty Through the Lens

Our History

From our humble beginnings as lovers of nature and photography, we have come a journey exciting. Every shot, every adventure and every encounter with the wild life has shaped our history Toucan – Photo Tours. Our passion for natural beauty has led us to explore the most remote corners of the world and to share our passion with travellers from all over the world.

More than a Tour, a Unique Experience

Why go with us?

In Toucan – Photo Tourswe believe that travel is much more than visiting tourist destinations. We strive to provide an enriching experience that goes beyond the conventional. Our expert guides will not only show you the most beautiful places, but also will share with you his knowledge and passion for the wild life. We offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in photography of nature and discover a fascinating world through your lens.

Where the Magic Lies with the Objective

Our Destinations

In Toucan – Photo Tours, we carefully select our destinations to make sure that take you to places full of natural wonders. From lush rainforests to the majestic mountains and the vast plains, each of our destinations offers a unique variety of species and landscapes for you to capture unforgettable moments. Let us take you to places where the magic lies with your goal.

Your Wellbeing is Our Priority

Travel safely!

Toucan – Photo Tours, your safety and wellbeing are our top priority. We work in close collaboration with local experts and follow the guidelines and protocols more rigorous to ensure safe travel and without concerns. In addition, our groups are kept small to provide you with a customized experience and comfortable. You can rely on us to make your trip memorable and safe at all times.

With our history full of passion, our range of unique experiences, destinations, captivating and a priority focus on your safety, Toucan – Photo Tours we are ready to take you on an unforgettable journey through the world of nature photography. Join us and discover the beauty that awaits you through your lens!

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